3rd International CIRP Sponsored Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology

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Pedro Filipe Cunha

P.F. Cunha is currently Professor of Advanced Manufacturing Technologies and Operations Management, in the Mechanical Engineering Department at Instituto Politécnico de Setúbal, Portugal (Polytechnics Institute of Setúbal/School of Technology (ESTS)). He holds a degree in Physics and Materials Engineering from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal (New University of Lisbon - UNL/FCT) and a Masters degree, in Computer Aided Engineering, from Staffordshire University, UK. He took his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico (Technical University of Lisbon - IST).
He is currently the head of CENI - Centro de Integração e Inovação de Processos (Centre for Integration and Innovation of Processes) and from January 2006 he is a Correspondent Member of CIRP (The International Academy for Production Engineering).
P.F.Cunha is the Chair of the 3rd CIRP International Conference in "Digital Enterprise Technology" and he has been a member of various Scientific Committees of refereed conferences, namely DET and ECAD.

Paul G. Maropoulos

Professor Maropoulos is a Professor of Innovative Manufacturing at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of the University of Bath. Paul Maropoulos is an Active Member of CIRP, a Eur Ing and a Member of the UK’s EPSRC College. He is a Member of the Editorial Board of the "International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering", the "Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering" and the "Proceedings of the IMechE, Part B: Journal of Engineering Manufacture".
He is the Founder and Chair of the CIRP International Series of Conferences in "Digital Enterprise Technology" and a member of the Scientific Committees of numerous refereed conferences.