3rd International CIRP Sponsored Conference on Digital Enterprise Technology
September 18-20, 2006 - Setúbal, Portugal

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Keynote Papers

Advanced Factory Design and Modelling

Distributed and Collaborative Design

Process Modelling and Process Planning

Enterprise Integration Technologies

Physical-to-Digital Environment Integrators

Entrepreneurship in DET

Production Systems Evolution

Keynote Papers

Digital Manufacturing in the Global Era - E.Westkamper

Global Manufacturing - Challenges and Solutions - H-P Wiendahl

Emergent Synthesis Approaches to Biological Manufacturing Systems - Kanji Ueda

Collaborative Networks Industry - Trends and Foundations - Luís Matos-Camarinha

Reconfigurable Process Plans for Responsive Manufacturing Systems - Hoda ElMaraghy

Advanced Factory Design and Modeling

A Logistic Framework for Coordinating Supply Chains on Unstable Markets - Péter Egri, József Váncza

Autonomous Controlled Logistic Processes - Characterization of Complex Production Systems - Thorsten Philipp, Felix Böse, Katja Windt

Federative Factory Data Management: An approach Based Upon Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) - Reiner Anderl, Majid Rezaei

Automatic Partitioning of Problems through Submodel Decomposition---a Promising Technique of Digital Enterprise Technology - Zsolt János Viharos, László Monostori, Zsolt Kemény

Engineering Change Impact Analysis in Production using VR - Jan C. Aurich, Martin Rößing

Virtual Factory Framework: Key Enabler for Future Manufacturing - Paolo Pedrazzoli, Marco Sacco, Anders Jönsson, Claudio Roberto Boër

Reconfigurability of Manufacturing Systems for Agility Implementation - PART I: Requirements and Principles - Goran Putnik, Alojzij Sluga

Reconfigurability of Manufacturing Systems for Agility Implementation - PART II: Two Architectures - Goran Putnik, Alojzij Sluga, Peter Butala

Modeling and Simulation of a Pheromone Based Shop Floor Control - Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Michael Freitag, Christoph de Beer, Thomas Jagalski,

Self Organization Shop Floor Control - Gideon Halevi, Pedro F. Cunha

Logistic- and cost-oriented cross-company Ramp-Up Planning - Jörg Hüntelmann, Steffen Reinsch, Adriana Märtens

Optimization Customized Token-Based Production Control Systems Using Cross-Entropy - Pedro L. González-Rodriguez, Jose M. Framinan, Rafael Ruiz-Usano

Role of the Information and Knowledge in Digital Enterprise Technology - Marc Bossmann, Helmut Bley, Nikolay Avgoustinov

Business Intelligence System for Strategic Decision Making in Machine-Tool Industry - Juan Antonio Arrieta, Itziar Ricondo, Nerea Aranguren

Production Monitoring Linked to Object Identification and Tracking - A Step towards Real Time Manufacturing in Automotive Plants - Olaf Sauer

Modeling Services in Information Systems Architectures - Anacleto Correia, Miguel Mira da Silva

Distributed and Collaborative Design

Implementing Digital Enterprise Technologies for Agile Design in the Virtual Enterprise - Chris Lomas, Paul Maropoulos

Dynamics of State-Problems and Design Intermediate Objects in Distributed and Collaborative Design Process - Reza Movahedkhah, Egon Ostrosi, Olivier Garro

An Integrated Design System for Molded Interconnect Devices (3D-MID) - Yong Zhuo, Christian Alvarez, Klaus Feldmann

The PPO Design Model Respect to DET Among the whole Product Life Cycle - Frédéric Noël, Lionel Roucoules

Tool Characteristics to Support all Lifecycle Stakeholders Requirements in Collaborative Engineering Design - Maria Paz Claros Salinas, Guy Prudhomme, Daniel Brissaud

A Novel Knowledge Management Methodology to Support Collaborative Product Development - Wai M Cheung, Paul G Maropoulos

Knowledge Engineering Systems for Digital Enterprise Performace Improvement - Alain Bernard, Samar Ammakhodja, Alexandre Candlot, Nicolas Perry

Collaborative Design in Assembly Systems - Gordana Ostojic, Vukica Jovanovic, Branislav Stevanov, Stevan Stankovski, Ilija Cosic, Serbia and Montenegro

Establishing Agile Supply Networks Through Competence Profiling - Nikos Armoutis, Paul Maropoulos, Chris Lomas

Fuzzy Product Configuration in Advanced CAD Systems - Egon Ostrosi, Michel Ferney

An Adaptive Tolerance Model for Collaborative Design - Alex Ballu, Jérome Dufaure, Denis Teissandier

Process Modeling and Process Planning

A GA-Based Constraint Satisfaction Model for Generating Optimal Process Plans - Amr Shabaka, Hoda ElMaraghy

Cost Estimation and Conceotual Process Planning - Patrick Martin, Jean Yves Dantan, Ali Siadat, Xavier Houin, Quentin Daniel

Adaptability and Interoperability in CNC Manufacturing - Aydin Nassehi, Stephen Newman, Xun Xu, Richard Allen, Roberto Rosso

Semi-Generative Process Planning for Reconfigurable Manufacturing - Ahmed Azab, Giulio Perusi, Hoda ElMaraghy, Jill Urbanic

Modeling Manufacturing Cells Using Principles of Reengineering and Component Clusters - Rafael d'Ávila

Constraint Programming Approach to Design Conflict-Free Schedules for Repetitive Manufacturing Systems - Robert Wójcik

The Relevance of Lean Manufacturing Principles: Practical Limitations to Eliminating Batch Production - Tim Coole, Robert Stephen Davies, David Osypiw

Ontology Supported Adaptive User Interfaces for Structural CAD Design - Carlos Toro, Maite Termenón, Posada Jorge, Joaquin Oyarzun, Juanjo Falcón

Rapid Design of Model-Based Process Chains - A Graph Based Approach - Christian Wagenknecht, Jan C. Aurich

An Application of ISO-GUM in the Method for Estimating the Dimensional Errors of Bent Parts - Thi Hong Minh Nguyen, Joost Duflou, Jean-Pierre Kruth

Simulation-Based Production Planning Based on Logistic Monitoring and Risk Management Aspects - Steffen Reinsch, Ouali Karim, Stürmann Jens

Simulation Based Organsiational Change in Multiple Product Assembly Systems - Aysin Rahimifard, Richard Weston

Web Based Multi Agent Platform for Collaborative Manufacturing - M Bachlaus, Manoj K Tiwari, Sanjeev Kumar, Aydin Nassehi, Stephen Newman

Contract Negotiation Wizard for VO Creation - Luis Camarinha-Matos, Ana Inês Oliveira

A Probability-Reactive Order Processing Method Based on the Load-Oriented Order Release (LOOR) for Maintenance of Capital-Intensive Goods - Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Jakub Piotrowski

Towards Interactive CLP-Based and Project Driven Oriented DSS Design - Robert Wójcik, Izabela Tomczuk-Piróg, Zbigniew Banaszak

Applying the Zachman Framework Dimensions to Support Business Process Modelling - Pedro Sousa, Carla Marques Pereira, Rute Vendeirinho, Artur Caetano, José Tribolet

Enterprise Integration Technologies

A Framework to Integrate Manufacturing Information Systems - James Gao, Li Kuang

Implementation of Collaboration Model within SME'S - Adrian Gunis, Jan Sislak, Stefan Valcuha

Framework for a Knowledge Support Systems for Distributed Collaborative Design Projects - Aurelie Vacher, Daniel Brissaud

A Concept for the Configuration of Value Added Networks Based on Quality Capabilities during Ramp-Up - Gisela Lanza, Jörg Ude

Performance Evaluation Within Cooperate Networked Production Enterprises - Pedro F. Cunha, Pedro S. Ferreira, Patricia Macedo

Dynamic Performance Management in Business Networks Environment - Americo Azevedo, Roberto Piedade Francisco

A Quantified Approach to Tacit Knowledge Management in R&D-Environments through the Use of Document-Based User Profiles - Joris Vertommen, Joost Duflou

Innovation Scorecard: a Balanced Scorecard for Measuring the Value Added by Innovation - Nelson Gama, Miguel Mira da Silva, José Ataíde

The Emerging Technologies and Standards on BPM and The Socio-Technical Approaches: Contributions to Collaborative Environments - Cláudio Sapateiro, Patricia Macedo

Entropy as a Measurement for the Quality of Demand Forecasting - Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Jan Topi Tervo, Uwe Hinrichs

Research and Development of Digital Quality Model - Vidosav Majstorovic, Nenad Stefanovic, Dusan Stefanovic

Perspectives of Mould Making Industry for Digital Global Manufacturing - Elsa Henriques, Paulo Peças, Pedro F. Cunha

Generative Planning in a DET Environment - Markus Wiedemann, Henning Rudolf, Michael Zäh

Organizational Functions and Enterprise Self-Maintenance: a Framework for Integrating Modeling, Monitoring and Learning - David Aveiro, José Tribolet

Towards an Out-of-the-Box Integrated Service Environment - Rodrigo Castelo, Paulo Almeida, Miguel Mira da Silva

Digital Entreprise Technologies: An Application to Support Globalization and Service Providing - Luís Mendes, Elsa Henriques, Manuel João Fonseca, Soares Rui

MyOpenFactory - Günther Schuh, Achim Kampker, Claus Narr, Philipp Attig, Till Potente

Physical to Digital Environment Integrators

A CAD Modeling System Automation for Reverse Engineering Applications - Jafar Jamshidi, Antony Roy Mileham, Geraint Wyn Owen

Collaborative Design Recovery Framework - R. Jill Urbanic, Waguih H. ElMaraghy

Advanced Prototyping with Parametric Prototypes - Reiner Anderl, Lars Klug, Kai Mecke

Ergonomic Evaluation of Virtual Assembly Tasks - Menelaos Pappas, Vassiliki Karabatsou, Dimitris Mavrikios, George Chryssolouris

Simulation as One of the Core Technologies for Digital Enterprises, Assessment of Hybrid Rescheduling Methods - András Pfeiffer, Botond Kádár, László Monostori, Dávid Karnok

Capturing Resource Operation Knowledge from Runtime Data for Production Support and Feedback to Development - Astrid von Euler-Chelpin, Torsten Kjellberg

Retrieving Data by Similarity: a CA_Mould Quotation Tool - Manuel João Fonseca, Elsa Henriques, Alfredo Ferreira, Joaquim Jorge, Rui Soares

Digital Enterprise Technology Studies (CATIA and Delmia) of the Saarinen Arch by Oregon Institute of Technology Students - Lawrence Wolf

Production Systems Evolution

Simulation of the Manufacturing Process, Generation of a Model of the Manufactured Parts - Frédéric Vignat, François Villeneuve

UML as a Basis to Model Autonomous Production Systems - Bernd Scholz-Reiter, Jan Kolditz, Torsten Hildebrandt

Process Analysis and Flexible Transfer Lines Configuration - Massimo Rigamonti, Tullio Tolio

Sequence Analysis of Finite Position Machine in Reconfiguration Manufacturing Systems - Jesus Trujillo, Zbigniew Pasek, Enrique Baeyens

Method for Integrated Design Using a Knowledge Formalization - Alexandre Thibault, Ali Siadat, Régis Bigot, Patrick Martin