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Industrial Consultancy

2001: Development of an information system for integrating social services information from all Portuguese Universities and Polytechnic Institutes, for CNASES (National Council for Social Support in Superior Education).

2001: Coordination of a training program in the area of Office Automation, for LOJA DO CIDADAO.

1997: Coordination of two training programs on "Internet for Business", for several companies.

1995, 1996: Databases and Web Development, for VARIOGRAMA.

1994, 1995: Information Systems and Artifiicial Intelligence, for INTELISIS in collaboration with UNESUL (CITAI-pólo de Setúbal) an Industrial Applied Research Center.

1991-1993: Start up of a small company in the area of financial and industrial applications of expert systems, for INESC/HITEC.

1987-1993: Artificial Intelligence applications, for SISCOG.

Connections to the City of Setúbal

2001: Organization of an initiative for connecting ESTSetúbal to the City of Setúbal, for students of basic schools in Setúbal, subject to theme “Come to learn Internet and... bring your grandparents”.


Escola Superior de Tecnologia / IPS -- School of Technology of Setubal

Escola Superior de Tecnologia / IPS
Departamento de Sistemas e Informática / Department of Systems and Informatics